About Alim

‘Alim Journal is published by AL WARRAQ FINANCE Publishing House, the editorial arm of AL-SHIRKAH SHARIA Sagl-Switzerland,  pioneer in the Islamic Finance editorial field in Europe.
Our objectives are to provide a broad–based forum for Shari’ah Scholars, Islamic Bankers and Financiers, Islamic Law lawyers, International Law Firms dealing with Islamic Jurisprudence, covering also most of the disciplines of Islamic Shari’ah (Qur’an and Hadith studies, Fiqh) as well as Islamic Art and Culture.
In close cooperation with Shari’ah Scholars, Experts, Islamic Regulatory Bodies, Shari’ah Consultancy Bodies, Central Banks, Qur’anic Schools etc. 
‘Alim Journal aims to disseminate worldwide a more informed and correct understanding of Islamic Finance as well as of Islam in all its aspects.
‘Alim Journal has the honor, since its first issue,  to be displayed in the great  Al Forqan library  at   Beit Al Quran,  the unique Islamic International cultural  Institution in Manama,  a world-class museum of rare manuscripts of Islam’s holy book.