Our purpose is to issue an unique scholarly journal focused and dedicated  to the learned men involved in Islamic Finance and Islamic Studies.
We wish  
‘Alim Journal could be a “ Beit” open to the Shari’ah Scholars, Islamic Bankers, Islamic Regulatory Bodies, Shari’ah Consultancy Bodies, Central Banks, Islamic Law Layers, Qur’anic Schools and Universities ,  as well as open to Qur’an, Hadith and Fiqh studies, Islamic Culture and Art, in few words a “Beit al Ummah”, providing a broad-based forum and a continuous and constructive debate.
Our purpose is to develop others Islamic editorial products, i.e. books, and to create events (workshops, forums, conferences), offering to all learned  Islamic people and Islamic experts a stage and editorial instruments to voice worldwide their thought, their activities and their contribution to the development of  the Islamic Finance as well as of the Islamic Culture.